As an open web resource interactive toy, MUKADE introduces environmental data (temperature, humidity, air quality, etc.) to children and helps them gain awareness of our environment.


MUKADE is comprised of two types of components: one actor and one or more data collectors. Both types of components are surrounded separately by a customized case.



Customized cases

The actual forms of the cases can be configured online by the user and the cases are subsequently produced by laser-cutting. After assembled and combined with the electro-mechanical parts, the actor and the data collector(s) are created.


Data collectors

Each data collector is comprised of the actual sensor (e.g. thermometer, humidity or brightness sensor) and is read out by a microcomputer (eg. photon) that forwards the data to the actor. A C-cell supplies the whole setup. In general, every sensor compatible to the microcomputer can be used in the data collector.



The actor consists of an Arduino computing platform connected to servo engines and LED's, all supplied by a 9V battery or over a transformer via the power grid. For each connected data collector, the actor has one designated movable part. The data provided by the data collector(s) is analyzed and according to the read outs, respective movable parts are moved by the servo engines. The user can program the Arduino online, for example, set limits for the sensor read outs. When exceeding those limits, the servo engines start moving.