MUKADE is an open web resource interactive toy to introduce environmental data to children and helps them gain awareness of our environment.

Flex4cfk UI

Flex4CFK is a user interface for the computer numerical controlled, form-flexible tool FlexForCFK to manufacture components made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP).

Boot jack

The semester project of Ergonomics was to improve the traditional boot jack.


The wall lamp CuBe is inspirited by an Origami (paper folding) game. The magic moment comes when the nine cubes are unfolded.

VIVO 3D Printing

The task of the pilot project VIVO of BSH was to design the accessories for household appliances which fulfill the requirement of 3D printing.

Grilled ice cream

Grilled ice cream provides the perfect ending to the BBQ:)

free fall

The device is designed to prevent a raw egg thrown from a fourth-floor window from breaking or cracking.


Ki:CON is a multi-functional armband for you to experience a simple and comfortable car sharing.


Dinnerlicious is a smartphone app for meeting new people and getting in touch with different cooking cultures.

future mobility Concept

Cooperation project of Audi AG